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General Policies for Use of Island Park
All organized activities
that require the use of pavilions must be scheduled with the Wellsville Town Clerk. Events are scheduled on a first come basis. Prior to use of any of the facilities does not guarantee the date for subsequent events. It is the sponsor's responsibility to schedule the event in timely fashion. 

Insurance may be required. The Town and Village of Wellsville are to be named as the additional insured and the event must be specified on the insurance policy. The amount of insurance is to be a minimum value of $1,000,000.00.

Individual and Organization Sponsored Activities in the Park are responsible for:
the behavior of all persons in their group. Underage minors (under 21 years of age) must be supervised appropriately so that there is no "underage" drinking. Underage campers must be appropriately supervised.

Open campfires are not allowed in the Park. The organizations that sponsor activities in the Park are responsible to make certain that every participant is aware of the prohibition.

Sponors are responsible for:
Trash/litter control - - all trash has to be placed in provided trash receptacles. For larger events, trash removal and litter control plan has to be submitted and approved by the Director with the request dates.

Tables and movable objects are returned to their original locations.

Sanitary facilities: sponsor is responsible for the rental and removal of Porto-Johns (1 per 75 guests) - -NO EXEMPTIONS!   Mandated by the Allegany County Health Department.

Traffic control and vehicle parking.

To make sure that any cooking devices brought into the Park are licensed, registered, and insured (pertains to large events where food is sold).

To report any damage and/or hazards in the Park. Sponsor is responsible for any damage caused by the group, but not limited to repair costs.